Social responsibility
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     Mera coffee company regards the social responsibility as self duty. Our operation, staff, and products have interaction with community, environment and people around. The values of Mera decides whether the interaction can do good to the society and enterprise, and is the key to the sustainable development of society and enterprise.
Mera company upholds the idea of sustainable development, which comes down in one continuous line with Chinese thousand years culture. Respecting nature, being all-embracing, and harmonious development are the footstone of a well-run establishment. Only by living with nature in peace can society develop well. Mera company try to protect the natural resources in the world, through technical innovation, and making full use of land, energy, water resource, and package materials. Mera coffee company produces and sells products in China, donating part of the interests to the southwest region of Chine, to protect the environment and help the poverty assistance project.
     Mera company try to provide the customers with coffee products, in high quality, rich and varied, fresh and delicious, and to encourage the public to build the scientific life belief, and to choose the healthy lifestyle.
Mera company pay attention to our staff, offer a good environment and a job opportunity for them,and help development of themselves and the company.



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