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    In 1954,an  Italian, Fabian Maggio who immigrated to Australia, longed to drink pure italian coffee every day from his hometown. In 1962 Fabian started MERA coffee factory  in Sydney, Newtown and started to provide top-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans for Australia. After half a century of development, Mera company has become one of the best coffee roasting companies in the world.

    Along with MERA’s unique formula blend of coffee beans and new roasting production technology, MERA still succeeds to produce high quality coffee.
Currently MERA coffee beans are being sold over 60 countries and regions.      
In 2009,MERA  introduced “EURO ESPRESSO” coffee capsules to the market. Using only the best as well as eco-friendly, new technology to produce top priority capsules.        
In 2011, MERA  entered  the Chinese market. MERA not only established china's only soft capsule coffee production in Shanghai, but also researched and developed the latest generation of “EURO ESPRESSO”  series products.
In 2013, MERA bulid relationship with several agencies in the world. And offer OEM service for Europe, Australia, American, Taiwan, Macao, Hongkong. EURO-ESPRESSO begins to enter the market.



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