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In 2011, Mera company enters Chinese Market, setting up Meravalley Coffee Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Shanghai, building coffee roasted factory, bring into automatic production line of coffee capsule from Italy, and produce “Euro- ESPRESSO” coffee capsules, in order to meet the demand of natural coffee. With the wide spread of coffee capsules, Mera company becomes the production base of coffee capsule, and offers OEM services.
Mera Company has gone into partnership with the coffee beans plantation in highland of Yunnan.
A part of Mera coffee products will use organic alabica coffee beans from highland of Yunnan, and will donates parts of the interests to protect the environment and help the poverty assistance project.
Mera is the only one passing “中国上海食品安全企业标准-焙炒咖啡”, and has certificates QS, HACCP..
From 2013, “EURO-ESPRESSO” coffee capsules and “MERAVALLEY” coffee beans are being sold. And “EURO-ESPRESSO” coffee capsules are accepted by several five star hotels, office building, coffee shops, and super market, as well as families.



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