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Staff training 

Support one: attitude, thought, and leadership. 
Mera coffee company help new staff to comprehend the history, culture, and administration, and help them adapt to Mera coffee company with business principles, operative norm, system policy, company blueprint and ten years’ work.

Newly promoted managers can master administration skills by effective training course, adapt to different roles, and keep passionate and creative spirit so that to make great progress on the basis of effective leadership.

Support two, management and development
Staff can know about company’s business in the round through Mera coffee’s training course of management and development, and improve the professional knowledge, broaden our horizons, take responsibility of management.

Support three, professional skills and techniques
All business and departments are included:
Marketing management training course: train staff to be good at the 4P theory of marketing and the highly active marketing, have a great understanding of marketing management methods, and know well about marketing skills and knowledge, so that they can succeed.

Sales training: Mera coffee offer basic and best sales skills, and are aimed at establishing a program for customer to practice and be good at negotiating. With close combination of theory and practice, to let manager master the management skills and methods.
Perfect managing of agency, excellence category management, basic marketing skills, good control of finance, how to create values, teach marketing trainer, and with such methods towards the marketing, staff can gain support for business development.

Human resources training: human resources management and guide of human development, training of the relationship among industry, senior interview skill training and target selection training, effective interview skills training,  payment and welfare

Technology: conference of sanitary engineering, safe packaging.
Training: to improve the skills of production, engineering, safety, health, quality, and so on.



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