Career planning
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Career planning
Mera coffee company offer good opportunity for employees
1.Improve and perfect the incentive mechanism. Encourage employees to make great progress, improve the creative skills. To fulfill the reward policy, encourage employees to improve themselves.
2.Talent pool building. Mera try to build talent pool, according to actual development of business, and on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation, to train and evaluate talents so that help company develop smoothly.
3.Strengthen training employees. Training is the main way to help employee grow. Through providing employees pertinent training, developing their potential, personal spaces, business skills, renewing their knowledge, Mera assists in promoting staff’s abilities, to make them accord with the company.
(1)induction training: Employee will get a short training once they start work. The training aims at teaching the employees with the history, development, culture, the basic systems and rules of administration, reward, benefits, as well as responsibility and skills of each position, to make staff adapt to company culture, feel that they are being accepted, and know well about the skills.
(2)In-service training: Formulate corresponding training plan, according to the shortage of employee(thoughts, knowledge, skills, wish), to improve their quality.
(3)Job changed training:The company put training and job into practice, everyone can compete for other jobs in company’s project. If succeed, new business skills training will be given. Employee can get the job unless they are qualified.
(4)Educational training: Mera offer education opportunities for outstanding manager and production minister.
(5)vocational qualification training: Mera provide vocational qualification training in the rule of country.
(6)Individuation training: development training, Mera offer individuation training for talents.
(7)Comprehensive training:Training about professional ethics, service, culture will be given regularly.



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