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C2C store of Meravalley on Taobao
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The flagship shop of Meravalley on Taobao is
To satisfy clients’ demand, Meravalley Coffee Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd do a business on Taobao. The shop sells several kinds of coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsule, and coffee maker, which are all the newest products of Meravally coffee in Shanghai. Mera valley coffee sources its own green beans(Alabica coffee beans)from all over the world, from south American to Africa and Yunnan, then our baristas roast it, in order to keep the fresh taste of coffee.
   Mera valley is the only manufacturer established in China by foreign investment, which can keep the best freshness of coffee capsule. The coffee capsule flavor can be adjustable towards Chinese customer. Mera valley try its best to meet clients’ requirement of the taste of coffee. Coffee capsule makers and coffee capsules will be sent to customer safely by professional express, and maintenance service is offered. Mera valley owns the most kinds of coffee makers in the world.

Note: is the only shop of Mera valley, to make sure about what you buy, please take care when shopping.



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